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ARTISAN TEAHOUSE WAS BORN out of our desire to share with you one of our favorite things--tea from artisanal farmers in the mountains of Taiwan.

Most people don’t know the tea they drink is a shadow of what tea should be--that it’s mostly crushed, torn, and curled leaves and branches of undetermined origin, not three full leaves blooming from a stem that’s hand-rolled, roasted, and packed just for you. To harvest 1.1 pounds of fresh tea leaves, our pickers had to hand-pluck 2,000 leaves.

They also don’t know tea contains theanine, the amino acid that helps you join two disparate ideas to innovate and transports you into a state of wakeful relaxation that is essential to creativity.

Tea also keeps you energized longer than coffee because it is bound to other compounds. It contains vitamins, melatonin, and antioxidants that fight free radicals, which means it repairs your DNA.

Here at ArtisanTeahouse.com, you will be able to read tea’s interesting legends, about how the Boston Tea Party made us into a nation of coffee-drinkers, and more secrets of how artisanal tea can ameliorate your life and outlook.



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